Passport Collection Service

Been given a passport appointment you cant attend? We specialise in retrieving time sensitive or important documents and parcels, such as attending passport collection appointments on your behalf.

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"Help! My passport appointment is too far away to attend!"

GoMessenger has been handling time-sensitive parcels and documents for several years.  Now more than ever, many of our clients require us to collect new passports on their behalf, as it becomes increasingly common to be allocated offices many miles from home.

Fortunately, with some short documents completed in advance, we can attend your appointment and collect your passport, delivering it anywhere in the UK, often in less than 48 hours.

  • We attend passport appointments on your behalf
  • All UK Passport offices covered
  • Passport hand delivered to you within 48 hours
  • Save your time and travel expenses

How does it work?

Arrange your appointment as normal

You arrange your appointment at any UK passport office for the service you require, just as you would as yourself attending.

Complete your forms and applications

Complete all the necessary paperwork requested by the passport office, along with a signed letter of authority for us to collect your passport.  Don't worry, we provide a template for you to use!

Send your old passport and paperwork to us

Double check all of your documents are complete and present, and send to us via our DHL partner or dedicated same-day courier.

We attend your appointment

We attend your passport appointment, and collect your new passport (or submit your application) on your behalf.

We send your new passport to you by sameday courier

Once your new passport is collected, its delivered to you by same day courier.

Arrange your Passport Collection

Complete the short form below, and a member of the Go Messenger team will be in touch to arrange your collection.